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Games and Activities

Check out the activities below to have fun while you learn about invasives in your community.

External Resources

Invasive Species Council of BC

The Invasive Species Council of BC also offers lots of resources for youth and educators.

Visit their site for fun videos, games and activities that help kids break down the issues around invasive species and their impacts.

Canadian Council on Invasive Species

Use the activity books below to learn how to prevent the spread of invasive species in your community.

Download them for free and print them at home using the links below:

Invasive Species on our Landscapes (CCIS Activity Book Cover)

Invasive Species in our Waters (CCIS Activity Book)

Do You Have a Pet? Don’t Let It Loose!

Help combat the spread of invasive species by ensuring that your classroom pet isn’t invasive. British Columbia is now home to several introduced pet and plant species, including:


Moreover, never release a pet into the wild. Some pets could thrive in their new habitat, threatening native species and severely changing the native ecosystem. Don’t Let It Loose!

Do You Spend Time on the Water?

Then you can help prevent the spread of invasive species.

Aquatic invasive plants and animals are a threat to our local waterways. They can grow rapidly and form monocultures, which out-compete native species and disrupt the natural processes of our ecosystems. Invasive species can also be toxic to humans and animals, and have significant economic impacts.

Learn how you can help protect BC’s beautiful waterways from invasive species – it’s easy!


Do You Camp, Hike or Bike?

The mountains are calling and you must go… but not without doing your part to stop the spread of invasive species!

Invasive plants and animals are a threat to our local trails. Learn how you can help protect BC’s beautiful trails, campgrounds, and recreational sites from invasive species.


Do You Love Arts & Crafts?

Are you looking for a way to repurpose all the pesky invasive plants growing in your neighborhood?

Release your inner artist and get crafty with invasive plants.


For Older Youth

Invasive Species Careers

Interested in working in the field of invasive species? Check out the list of Canadian university and college programs compiled by the Invasive Species Centre!

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Check out the Upcoming Events page to learn about events and conferences that nature lovers and environmentalists like you might find interesting. Conferences often offer discounted or free tickets to eligible youth.

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