Play Clean Go for Climbers


Climbers: Give invasive species the brush off.

  • REMOVE plants and dirt from rope, approach shoes, backpack, and other gear.
  • STAY on designated roads & trails.
  • REPORT any invasive species you come across.

Clean Gear, Clean Crags

Invasive species are plants, animals, and insects that are not native to our region and have negative impacts on local ecosystems, human health, and the economy.

Many crags in the Sea to Sky unfortunately have invasive plants growing nearby. A few of the common invasives you might spot include: Burdock (pictured on the left), Scotch Broom, Butterfly Bush, Himalayan Blackberry, Knotweeds, English Ivy, and Foxglove.

Some of these plants, like Himalayan Blackberry, could eventually (or already do) impede access to climbs. You can help prevent spreading these harmful species by making sure that your climbing gear is clean before you arrive at a new crag. Seeds and other plant parts easily stick to soft goods like rope, rope bags/mats, backpacks, chalk bags, and clothing. It’s also worth taking the time to brush off your approach shoes – dirt and mud can also transport invasive plant parts.

And, of course, please remember to recreate responsibly by following the ‘Leave No Trace‘ principles to keep our local crags clean and ready to be enjoyed by the next group. Learn more about local climbing etiquette from the Squamish Access Society. We also have more tips for outdoor adventurers here.



We’ve created a bingo game for climbers in the Sea to Sky, to help you learn about invasive species and what you can do to help prevent their spread. Complete a row, column, or diagonal section of 5 squares to win!

Make sure to tag us on social media with pictures of your actions and completed bingo cards.


Tips for outdoor adventurers

Do you also enjoy camping, hiking, biking, boating, or walking your dog? No matter whether you’re a local or just visiting the Sea to Sky, we hope you’ll find these tips for outdoor adventurers handy.

Learn how you can help protect BC’s beautiful trails, campgrounds, waterways, and recreational sites from invasive species here.


Report your sightings

We need you to be our eyes and ears! The Sea to Sky is a large region, and climbers are often in locations that our field crew may not regularly access. If you spot and invasive species, please take a picture, note down the location (GPS coordinates are awesome), and submit your report here.


More resources

We have so much more information for you! Want to learn about edible invasive plants? Which ones are toxic? How to differentiate between some native & invasive look-alikes?