Please report all invasive species sightings to help us track and manage infestations!

Reports and observations from nature lovers like you are our first line of defence against invasive species.

Please submit your observations using one of the methods below:

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If you prefer, you may also report sightings through iNaturalist, a free app (App Store, Google Play) that allows citizen scientists to contribute to biodiversity science by submitting their observations.

Join iNaturalists’s project I Spy and Identify, where every report you make helps scientists track, watch and protect Canada’s native species from unwanted impacts, including invasive species.

Report Invasives BC

You may also use Report Invasives BC, the BC government’s free reporting app.

Other Ways to Report Sightings

Alternatively, reports can always be sent to us via Facebook , Twitter, Instagram or by email at

Please refer to our invasive plants and animals profile pages for best management practices, as some invasive species may be toxic and/or harmful to humans & animals.