Education & Training


Training Programs

The Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council (SSISC) training programs are offered online, or in Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton, BC.


Aquatic Invasives 101

Relevant to: Recreational boaters, eco-tourism operators and guides

Content: How to identify and prevent further spread of 9 aquatic invasive species in the Sea to Sky

Invasive Species in the Sea to Sky for Realtors & Land Owners

Relevant to: Property managers, land owners, developers, realtors

Content: How to identify and prevent further spread of key invasive species in the Sea to Sky

Invasive-Free Certification

Relevant to: Landscaping, horticulture and earth-moving companies

Content: Species identification and procurement practices, site and species-appropriate control methods, disposal practices

Best Practice Field Training

Relevant to: Licensed herbicide applicators or individuals interested in obtaining a herbicide applicators license through the Province of BC

Content: Practical training in best practice recommendations for the treatment of Japanese Knotweed using stem injection and foliar spray methods

Invasive Species ID Workshop

Relevant to: Stewardship groups, environmental consultants, land surveyors, local government staff, roadside maintenance contractors and the general public

Content: High-priority invasive species for the Sea to Sky region and their impacts, how to identify these species, new species of concern, how to report them, and ways to remove or contain them.


Alien Busters

Get to know BC’s “super-bugs” with this series of educational, cartoonish characters.

Clean Drain Dry

Clean Drain Dry encourages recreationists to help reduce the spread of invasive plants and organisms into and between BC’s lakes and rivers.

Don’t Let it Loose

Don’t Let it Loose educates pet owners about the harmful effects of releasing exotic pets into BC’s wild ecosystems.

Knot On My Property

Knot On My Property (KOMP) is a joint initiative that educates homeowners about Japanese Knotweed.

Most Wanted in the Sea to Sky

Each community in the Sea to Sky has its own wanted invasive ‘outlaws’. These species affect the local ecosystems and threaten biodiversity… but they can be controlled with your help!


The horticulture trade has been identified as a key pathway responsible for the introduction and spread of invasive plants within BC and beyond. Learn what you can do to stop their spread as a member of the horticulture industry or as a consumer.

Play Clean Go

Play Clean Go educates outdoor enthusiasts on how they contribute to the spread of invasive species.

Flowering Times Calendar 

Our Flowering Times Calendar is a guide to which invasive plants you are most likely to see flowering each month.


Moving soil or fill can move invasive plants, and using infested soils as truck ballast and depositing it in remote areas is an extremely risky behaviour. Learn what you can do to avoid spreading invasives.