Regulations and Bylaws

Click on links below for more information about legislation, regulations and bylaws that are relevant to invasive species management in the Sea to Sky region.

Government of Canada

Province of British Columbia

A summary of provincial regulations and legislation can be found here.

Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD)

For more information about SLRD bylaws, please refer to the SLRD website.

Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW)

For more information about RMOW Bylaws, please refer to the RMOW website. To contact RMOW Bylaw Enforcement, email or call (604)-935-8280.

District of Squamish (DOS)

  • Unsightly Premise Bylaw prohibits land or property owners from letting properties become or remain untidy and/or unsightly.
  • Solid Waste Bylaw establishes rules and regulations Solid Waste Utility and Solid Waste Disposal in the DOS
  • Zoning Bylaw pertains to rules and regulations of all zones of land, surfaces of water, buildings and structures that fall under the area boundary of the DOS
  • Fees and Charges Bylaw allows charges and fees to be applied to provided services and information in the DOS, including the disposal of invasive plant material
  • Official Community Plan Bylaw – Schedule N (Squamish Oceanfront Peninsula) and Schedule O (Waterfront Landing)

For more information about DOS bylaws, please refer to the DOS website. Questions may be directed to the Legislative Services department at (604)-892-5217. For bylaw enforcement, call (604)-815-5067.

Village of Pemberton

For more information about Village of Pemberton bylaws, please refer to the Pemberton Bylaw Services Website. To contact Bylaw Enforcement, email or call (604) 894-6135.

Village of Lions Bay

For more information about the Village of Lions Bay bylaws, please refer to the Lions Bay Bylaw Services Website. To contact Bylaw Enforcement, email or call (604) 921-9333.