SSISC Planning and Reporting


Strategic Plan

SSISC’s Mission Statement:

To minimize the threat of invasive species that impact on the environment, the economy and human health in the Sea to Sky corridor.

SSISC’s Goals:

  1. Raise awareness (focused on behaviour change) about invasive species, their impacts, and management strategies
  2. Facilitate the flow of external information and provide a source of expertise on invasive species
  3. Improve stakeholder communication, collaboration, coordination, and information sharing
  4. Prevent new invasive species from arriving and follow integrated management and early detection and rapid response (EDRR) protocol to prevent their establishment if and when they do arrive
  5. Minimize or reverse the spread of existing invasive species through coordinated, integrated invasive species management efforts
  6. Ensure program sustainability
SSISC Regional Strategy 2015-2020
SSISC Operational Plan 2015-2020

SSISC Priority Species List (Excel file; PDF file) last updated April 16, 2022

SSISC Species Management Categories (PDF file)

Annual Program Plan

SSISC’s Draft 2023 Program Plan will soon be available.

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You can download SSISC’s Past Annual Program Plans using the links below:

Annual Report

SSISC’s Annual Reports are available below:

Containment Line Maps