Disposal Recommendations

Improper disposal of invasive species can lead to the further spread of invasives in the Sea to Sky. Many invasive plant parts (seeds, rhizomes) can withstand the composting process, so it is important to:

  • Separate invasive plant material from yard waste
  • Place invasive plant material in a bag, or on a tarp, & seal it
  • Take to the transfer station/landfill

Please refer to the information below for area-specific details on how to properly dispose of invasive plant material in each municipal or regional district area.


Unfortunately, there are still issues with people disposing of soil, fill and yard waste, often containing invasive plants, illegally in the Sea to Sky. The Sea to Sky Illegal Garbage Dumping Map highlights some problem areas, many of which now have invasive species infestations from improperly disposed invasive plant material. Please be vigilant and report illegal dumping to local bylaw.