Play Clean Go for Dogwalkers


Dog Walkers: Leave Invasive Species Behind

  • REMOVE plants, seeds and mud from boots, clothes & gear.
  • BRUSH off any seeds clinging to you or your pet, before entering & leaving the recreation site.
  • STAY on designated roads & trails.

Dogs can transport invasive plant seeds in their coat or in mud on their paws, and therefore become vectors of spread for invasive species. It is extremely important that you keep your pet out of invasive plant patches, and that you keep them, their gear (leashes, etc) and yourself clear of invasive plant parts and seeds.

Common Burdock: Clean Up Your Act!

With its hook-covered seedpods (they inspired Velcro!), Common Burdock can easily hitch a ride on pets and spread along trails. Once established, Common Burdock out-competes native species and reduces biodiversity.

Common Burdock (SSISC)


Toxic Invasive Plants for Dogs and Other Pets

Did you know some invasive plants are toxic to dogs, cats, or other animals? While not all invasive species are toxic, there are several invasive plants that are toxic to pets and still sold in stores in the Sea to Sky.

Check out our post on Toxic Invasive Plants for Pets to read about a few toxic invasives you might see in stores, or even on a walk with your dog!