Invasive Species Identification

Do you want to learn more about invasive species and how to identify them? We have all the information you need! 

Invasive Species Information

Brochures and Pamphlets 


Use your phone to help identify and report invasive species!

iNaturalist is a free app (App StoreGoogle Play) that allows citizen scientists to contribute to biodiversity science by submitting their observations. Take a moment to observe and report the plants and animals you see – every report helps scientists track and protect Canada’s biodiversity from unwanted impacts, including invasive species.

Join iNaturalists’s project I Spy and Identify, where every report you make helps scientists track, watch and protect Canada’s native species from unwanted impacts, including invasive species.

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Report Invasives: BC Government App

Use the BC Government’s free invasives species reporting app, Report Invasives, to help with your species identification.

The app is available to both iPhone and Android users; you can learn more about it on the BC Government’s website.

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Identify Invasives Pages: ISCBC

The Invasive Species Council of BC presents a series of species profiles that will help you identify invasive species and report them. Have a look!

Field Guides & Books

Metro Vancouver Best Management Plans

Metro Vancouver, in collaboration with the Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver has developed several Regional Best Management Guides for common invasives. These BMP’s are a series of species-specific guides developed for use by practitioners (e.g., local government staff, crews, project managers, contractors, consultants, developers, stewardship groups, and others who have a role in invasive species management) and contain excellent information pertaining to species identification.

The full BMP documents and the shorter guides for residents are available on the Metro Vancouver website, or on this page.

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