I Spy in the Sea to Sky… Common Bugloss

I Spy in the Sea to Sky… Common Bugloss
I Spy in the Sea to Sky… Common Bugloss

I spy in the Sea to Sky…


Common Bugloss is not found in Whistler but it is found in Squamish and Pemberton, making it a priority for eradication. This invasive plant reduces agricultural crops and forage yield production.

Common Bugloss is often confused with another invasive noxious plant, the Blueweed. Bugloss flowers are often coiled in “fiddleneck” clusters at the end of stalks and eventually turn blue-purple with white centres. Common Bugloss leaves are lance-shaped at the base of the stock and basal towards the top. Leaves are also covered in stiff hairs.

This invasive plant grows along the Arn Canal in Pemberton and we encourage everyone to pull it out if they see it, bag it up to prevent seed dispersal, and dispose of it in a designated invasive species bin or in the general waste. If you do see Common Bugloss anywhere in the Sea to Sky corridor, please let the Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council know by going to ssisc.ca/report or calling 604-698-8334.


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