I Spy in the Sea to Sky…

I Spy in the Sea to Sky…
I Spy in the Sea to Sky…

I spy in the Sea to Sky

Something that blossoms from April to July

Don’t be fooled, in local areas it goes awry

With flowers white and berries aplenty

Like its local cousin, its fruits are tasty.


Himalayan blackberry is a well-known plant, but did you know it was invasive? This invasive shrub is commonly found along disturbed sites like fences, railroad tracks, rivers and stream banks, wetlands and forest edges throughout Southwestern BC. Unfortunately, this means it outcompetes native vegetation, restricts access by wildlife to water courses and limits recreational access.

We are strategically controlling the invasive Himalayan Blackberry in the Squamish area, while eradicating it from Whistler and Pemberton. Reporting this plant in Whistler and Pemberton helps to eliminate it from those areas. Report any sightings by calling 604-698-8334, emailing info@ssisc.ca or heading over to ssisc.ca/report.

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