Wildflower Mixes: Not So Innocent

Wildflower Mixes: Not So Innocent
Wildflower Mixes: Not So Innocent

Invasive plants can sneak their way into our gardens and natural spaces in several ways, most commonly in with wildflower seed mixes.

We can easily fall victim to deception when companies use keywords like “Biodiversity,’ ‘Meadow Mix,’ or ‘Bee-Friendly’, to advertise seed mixes that could contain potentially harmful invasive species. Similarly, enticing statements such as ‘easy to establish’ or ‘low maintenance’ are red flags that could be indicative of the invasive nature of the seeds the package contains.

In 2019, ISCBC identified 6 invasive plant species that were frequently mixed in with other native wildflowers in seed packs. When shopping for wildflower seeds, carefully read the label and make sure not to buy a mix that contains any invasive wildflowers.

Watch out for these 6 invasives:

ISCBC’s Seed Mix Factsheet

What can I do?

Prevention is our best defence against the spread of harmful invasive species in our community.

To ensure you are purchasing invasive-free wildflower seed mixes, follow the steps listed below:

  • Make a plan: Use the PlantWise Grow Me Instead Guide to plan out your garden purchases and avoid picking up plants that are invasive in your area
  • Carefully read the label: Watch out for the common invasives (listed in the image above) and cross-check with the invasive species priority list for your region
  • Find out where the seeds are from: Often plant stores carry seed mixes that are sourced far away… So unbeknownst to them, the seed mixes they carry could be harmful in your area.
  • Shop smart: Support local PlantWise businesses that have committed to supporting the environment by keeping their merchandise invasive-free.
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