Wetland & Riparian Habitat Restoration in Whistler


In Whistler, wetland and riparian habitats are rare – covering only 2.3% total area within the municipality. In 2005, the Resort Municipality Of Whistler identified these areas as critical areas for protection and management. These sensitive ecosystems provide habitat to some of Whistler’s iconic wildlife species including beavers, bears, water birds and frogs.

One threat to these habitats is the establishment and spread of invasive species. One species in particular, Yellow-flag Iris, grows quickly into dense thickets, and has the potential to cause significant damage to Whistler’s wetland and riparian habitats.


In 2015, the SSISC received multi-year funding from Environment Canada’s EcoAction Program, the RMOW and BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to remove Yellow Flag Iris from Whistler’s wetland and riparian areas and restore these sites. In partnership with RMOW and community members, the SSISC plans to manually remove all known yellow-flag irises at sites in Whistler over a 3 year period, with continued monitoring and removals if and when regrowth is observed. The SSISC also plans to host planting events at a sub-set of these sites to help restore the wetlands to their natural state. Eradication of Yellow-flag iris from Whistler is the ultimate goal.

Please contact info@ssisc.ca for more information about this program.