Thanks to the businesses that support us

Thanks to the businesses that support us
Thanks to the businesses that support us

As part of our Alienbuster Awards series, we want to acknowledge partners, funders and volunteers whose contributions we are thankful for.

If you’d like to support our education and outreach efforts (thank you!), you can do so on our donation page. Your support will help support hands-on, community science programs (like Crab Team), as well as educational activities and community weed pulls.

We have been very fortunate to obtain the support of numerous locally-owned businesses over the years. Their support ranges from taking our training programs and putting our programs’ principles into practice, to making in-kind donations.

Alienbuster Award: The Eager Beaver

Businesses that participated in our training programs and/or implemented our programs’ principles

Behavior change programs in question include Clean Drain Dry and Play Clean Go. This category also includes businesses that took the Invasive-Free Certification in 2022.

Alienbuster Award: The Generous Geese

Businesses that supported SSISC by making in-kind donations.

These donations were used as volunteer appreciation for programs like Adopt-a-Trail, Aquatic Invasives 101, and the Invasive-Free Certification, as well as in giveaways on our social media.

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