PlantWise is a prevention-based program specifically designed by the Invasive Species Council of British Columbia (ISCBC), aimed at the horticulture industry and consumers. It applies to anyone who grows/propagates, sells, promotes, displays, disposes, purchases, trades, transports or gifts invasive plants. The horticulture industry has been identified as a key pathway responsible for the introduction and spread of horticulturally-invasive plants in gardens, orchards, vineyards, hayfields, farms and wild lands within BC and beyond. By committing to make a simple change in behaviour, people can make a measurable difference in reducing the spread of horticulturally-invasive plants in BC.

SSISC is a PlantWise Ambassador for the Sea to Sky Corridor, and has received signed commitments from many local horticulture industry companies to phase out the use of invasive species.

Please support these local companies who have committed to selling non-invasive plants in 2020!


PlantWise Resources

  • Download the Plantwise App for expert advice on non-invasive plants for every growing zone! Available on Google Play and App Store.
  • Visit ISCBC’s PlantWise page for more information on horticulturally invasive plants.
  • Plant sellers can click HERE for information about how to get involved and commit to phasing out the sale of invasive plants.
  • Download the Grow Me Instead booklet for valuable information illustrating 26 of horticulture’s most ‘unwanted’ invasive plants frequently found in gardens across BC. Some of these ‘unwanted’ invasive plants are still sold at garden centers and other outlets, and are used by landscapers and landscape architects in their designs. Each invasive plant listed in Grow Me Instead has suitable, and equally beautiful and functional, non-invasive plant alternatives (native and exotic) that work well for a range of growing zones and conditions in BC.