Did you know that invasive plants are often traded, grown and planted in the horticultural industry?

Be PlantWise

PlantWise is a provincial program that supports the horticulture industry’s transition to become invasive-free. Whether you are adding new, attractive plants to your garden, starting a landscaping project, growing crops, or running a horticulture-based business you can be PlantWise. Learn which plants are invasive, alternatives to grow instead and which retailers are committing to be PlantWise and sell only non-invasive plants.

Grow Me Instead

Grow Me Instead is a key component of the PlantWise program, supporting gardeners and industry in reducing the distribution of invasive plants.

This guide informs gardening enthusiasts about horticulture’s most “unwanted” invasive plants in BC, while providing a variety of native and exotic plant alternatives found to be non-invasive across the province.

snapshot brochure of grow me instead

PlantWise Businesses

By adopting PlantWise principles, you are committing to becoming an invasive-free establishment.

Interested in joining a network of businesses across BC that are leaders in responsible gardening? Simply get in touch with us to get started!

Thank you to these PlantWise businesses for their support:

Invasive-Free Seed Mix

Did you know that wildflower seed mixes may contain invasive plants that harm the environment?

By using an invasive-free seed mix on your property, you can be assured that you are not spreading invasive plants by accident.

SSISC is now offering packets of invasive-free wildflower seed mix. The seed mix packets are available to residents of the Sea to Sky region.

Wildflower Mix