Most Wanted in the Sea to Sky

Most Wanted in the Sea to Sky
Most Wanted in the Sea to Sky

The Most Wanted Program focuses on invasive species “outlaws” that are wanted in the Sea to Sky region. These are species that affect local ecosystems and the economy or have the potential to cause harm if not controlled.

Use the Most Wanted factsheets to:
  • Learn how to identify invasive species that are thriving in your area
  • Learn about these species’ impacts
  • Be a part of the solution: report these outlaws if you see them in your area
  • Learn proper removal methods, to remove these species yourself (when safe & possible)
With greater awareness, these species can be reported and controlled much more effectively.

Click on one of the images below to learn more about the invasive species in each area.


Squamish Most Wanted highlights six species with a high impact within the District of Squamish.


Whistler’s Usual Suspects focuses on five commonly found, harmful and easily removable invasive species within the Resort Municipality of Whistler.


Pemberton’s Worst Weeds showcases five invasive plants that are particularly problematic for agriculture within the Village of Pemberton.