Meet the Team – Plants!

Meet the Team – Plants!
Meet the Team – Plants!

Behind the Scenes – Plants!

Here at SSISC, we’ve got many photosynthesizing friends that mean a lot to our team members.  Get to know them below!

Peter the Pothos

Golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

History: Peter was adopted when he was just a wee plant, with one-meter stems. This was in September 2019… He’s just been hanging out in the corner (get it?) ever since.

Likes: Peter loves summer! He grows so much faster in the summer months.

Dislikes: Having his stems knocked off the thumb tacks that allow him to snake along the wall… But really, nothing phases this guy. However, if I ever move I have a feeling we are both going to dislike the process…


‘Splash of Wine’

Caladium hortulanum

Origin: Caladiums are native to tropical forests in South and Central America and have thousands of different cultivars.

Favourite thing about this plant: I love it because of its unique foliage which is unlike any of my other plants. This is a fancy leaf variety with pink/red spots and green main veins on a white background.

Dislike: Direct sunlight causes its leaves to sunburn and wither. I’ve done a lot of clipping of crispy leaves since I got it, but luckily it’s fast-growing and you would never know by the way it looks now.



Monstera deliciosa

Family History: It started out only a couple feet high when I originally bought it to have in my dorm room at university. Since then, I think I’ve split it up into about 8 separate pots, as it continues to grow new shoots. There’s one plant in my apartment here in Squamish, about 3-4 at my parents’ place in North Vancouver, a couple in their office downtown, and one at my friend’s apartment in Mt Pleasant. It’s been quite prolific!

Why you love it: It’s hard to pick a favourite plant, but this guy has been quite low maintenance and grows quickly, so it’s one of the most satisfying plants I have at the moment!

Likes: This monstera (like all monsteras) prefers bright, indirect sunlight, and doesn’t seem to mind too much when I forget to water it for a week (or two…). It’s super easy to propagate, and makes awesome gifts!


Aloe Vera

About: My plant is an Aloe Vera, which are well known for their medicinal properties!

History: I received this aloe from a friend’s mom who had the biggest aloe I had ever seen! It started to produce baby aloes, called pups, and she couldn’t keep up so she gifted one to me. That was about 3 years ago and it has been thriving ever since!

Why you love it: As you can tell they grow fairly slow but I am super proud of my special plant and how big it has gotten 🙂

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