I Spy in the Sea to Sky… Common Comfrey

I Spy in the Sea to Sky… Common Comfrey
I Spy in the Sea to Sky… Common Comfrey

I spy in the Sea to Sky…

With its enormous black root ball, it does not budge with ease

Once used as medicine, it has broad, furry leaves

With pretty purple flowers, home gardeners it does please

But its appetite for nutrients means native plants are out-squeezed!


Common Comfrey is a perennial herb that prefers rich, moist soils and shady sites. It was historically used as a herbal medicine to help heal fractures, but behaves invasively in areas where it has escaped gardens.

Common Comfrey is a fast growing, deep rooted plant which spreads quickly and is difficult to control. It is extremely effective at mining nutrients from the soil, thereby making them unavailable to native plants in the area. The hairs on Common Comfrey leaves can cause skin irritation. Animals typically avoid the plant due to its coarse hairs and unpleasant taste.

If you do see Common Comfrey anywhere along the Sea to Sky, please call 604-698-8334 or report it.

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