I Spy in the Sea to Sky…

I Spy in the Sea to Sky…
I Spy in the Sea to Sky…

Not an easy invasive to confuse with others; when you see this bright blue weed, you’ll be able to identify this one in no time! Were you able to guess it based on the riddle?

Originally from Europe, Blueweed is a biennial or short-lived perennial that is currently found in central and south-central areas of British Columbia. In the past it has been purchased as a garden ornamental; it is now classified as a noxious weed due to its toxicity, as it can negatively impact the health of livestock.

Blueweed can be identified by its bright blue, funnel-shaped flowers that bloom from June until Autumn. The entire plant is covered in short, hairy bristles, with a few scattered, long, stiff hairs found along the stem. Blueweed can grow to be between 30cm and 80cm tall and has a thick, deep taproot.

Blueweed has adapted to rocky, gravelly habitats and disturbed areas such as roadsides, drainage ditches, right-of-ways, fence-lines and gravel pits. It can also be found in rocky pastures and ranges at low to mid-elevations in British Columbia.

Currently, a limited amount of Blueweed can be found in both Squamish and Pemberton, making it extremely important to report any sightings to SSISC.  If you do see Blueweed anywhere in the Sea to Sky, please let us know by calling (604)-698-8334, emailing us at info@ssisc.ca or by reporting it at ssisc.ca/report.


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