I Spy in the Sea to Sky…

I Spy in the Sea to Sky…
I Spy in the Sea to Sky…

Did you figure out this week’s “I Spy”? If you didn’t, don’t worry because this one was a tricky one. Hopefully, you haven’t seen this one around the Sea to Sky Corridor, because there’s been only one known sighting in Whistler and three in all of British Columbia.

Flowering Rush is an invasive species thought to have been brought over from Europe as an aquatic ornamental plant. In the wild, it grows aggressively along the shores of ponds and small water bodies, wetlands and previously vegetated areas. Flowering Rush plants can be found in two forms: emerged and fully submerged. If the plant is fully submerged, the leaves of flowering rush are limp and floating. If emerged, the leaves are erect with a single stem. Leaves are thin, sword-shaped (triangular) and can grow up to 3 meters in length. Flowers are generally pink or non-existent, and cluster like an umbrella with 6 petals per flowers in flower clusters of 20-50.

Flowering Rush is an eradicating priority in BC and is being managed under the Province’s Early Detection Rapid Response (EDRR) program. If you see it anywhere else in Whistler or the Sea to Sky corridor, please call 1-888-WEEDSBC or go to www.reportaweedbc.ca. You can also give us a call at (604) 698-8334 or visit ssisc.ca/report.



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