How Does SISSC Operate? An Insider’s Look

How Does SISSC Operate? An Insider’s Look
How Does SISSC Operate? An Insider’s Look

Curious how the sausage gets made at SSISC?

Over the summer we’ve periodically showcased staff features on our blog (feel free to look back on our May, June, July, and August features), but today we thought we’d turn to other considerations and offer a more in-depth look into how plant management decisions get made.

It comes as no surprise that SSISC carries out invasive plant control for various land managers across the region, so we follow a coordinated plan to manage species at a regional scale, considering all jurisdictions. This plan is informed by the input provided by the partners and community members present at SSISC’s Annual Planning Session, which takes place in April each year. This decision-making process involves discussions about species priorities, species-specific control methods  as well as containment lines and geographic priority areas. For more information about reporting, species-specific management approaches, and SSISC’s priority species list, please head to this page.

We strongly encourage Sea to Sky residents to be involved in these discussions each April. If you are interested in learning more, sign up for our newsletter and be sure to follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to be kept in the loop!

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