Play Clean Go for Hikers and Trail Runners

Hikers and Trail Runners: Come Clean, Leave Clean.

  • REMOVE plants, seeds and mud from boots, clothes & gear.
  • BRUSH off any seeds clinging to you or your pet.
  • CLEAN your gear before entering & leaving recreation sites
  • STAY on designated roads & trails.

Whether you are enjoying hiking, trail running or enjoying nature with your family, it is important that you don’t accidentally move invasive species from place to place. Use the steps outlined above to help stop the spread of invasives in the Sea to Sky.

Orange Hawkweed: Leave It Where You Found It!

Orange Hawkweed is an example of a common invasive that spreads up trails with the help of unsuspecting hikers and trail runners.

Left unchecked, it outcompetes native plants, including native wildflowers, and threatens biodiversity. Moreover, when it makes its way into the alpine it kills off native alpine flowers, and can thus negatively impact tourism.

By adopting the Play, Clean, Go principles, you can help contain Orange Hawkweed to lower elevations and prevent its spread above treeline.