Flexing our monitoring ‘mussels’

Flexing our monitoring ‘mussels’
Flexing our monitoring ‘mussels’

Pique Newsmagazine recently covered the return of invasive mussel monitoring to Whistler’s Alta Lake.

As the article explained, Zebra and Quagga Mussels are fresh-water mussels that are not native to North America. They have already become well-established in Ontario, Quebec and in the U.S., and have spread as far as California, Manitoba and Montana.

Luckily, no invasive mussels have been found in Alta Lake (which SSISC has been monitoring this season), or any other waterbody in BC this year. “If they do arrive and establish in B.C., the cost would be huge in terms of economic impacts and environmental impacts”, said SSISC Executive Director Clare Greenberg, who was interviewed for the article.

You can read more about how Zebra and Quagga Mussels spread, their potential impacts and what monitoring entails on the Pique’s website.

The Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council recognizes the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation and the Province of British Columbia for making significant financial contributions to support the Invasive Mussels Monitoring Program. These lake monitoring efforts support the Province’s ongoing delivery of the Invasive Mussel Defence Program.’

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