A Day in the Life of an Outreach Assistant: Shannon

A Day in the Life of an Outreach Assistant: Shannon
A Day in the Life of an Outreach Assistant: Shannon

Our summer program is coming to an end, so we’d like to invite you to our fifth “A Day in the Life Of” blog post featuring Shannon, one last time.

Guess where I got to go this week? Into the field! This past week was the week that the Education & Outreach team each got a chance to go out in the field for a day and see what the Field Crew does on a daily basis.

For me, it was an early start, having to be at the office for 7 am to drive down to Squamish for the day. I met up with one of our Field Crew lead hands, Jordan, and we started the day off by surveying some Japanese Knotweed sites and seeing if these previously-treated areas showed any signs of regrowth, or if earlier treatments had eradicated the plant.

In the afternoon we got to remove Scotch Broom, which is an invasive plant originally from Scotland. I couldn’t believe how much of it there was and how big some of the plants had gotten, reaching heights of up to 2 meters! The amount that we were able to remove from a single site managed to filled up the entire bed of the truck twice. It was a very satisfying experience to remove Scotch Broom and see the site clear up, so I can understand how the Field Crew must feel on a daily basis.

I was extremely excited to get the opportunity to do this, being a kinesthetic learner. Having the opportunity to be out in the field is something that I know will aid me when attending outreach events.

We would like to give a big thank you to the Community Foundation of Whistler for its grant that is allowing Shannon to be employed by SSISC all summer long.

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