A Day in the Life of a Field Crew Worker: Erin

A Day in the Life of a Field Crew Worker: Erin
A Day in the Life of a Field Crew Worker: Erin

Another week has come and gone for us here at SSISC, and this week’s “A Day in the Life Of” post comes from one of the members of our field crew, Erin Galloway. The field crew has been hard at work over the past month, so let’s see what Erin has to say about what they’ve been up to.

This week  we were treated with some milder weather, which meant great working conditions. The week started off with us doing some Japanese Knotweed surveys around Furry Creek and Britannia Beach. It was great to find very little Knotweed because that means that the previous years’ treatments have been successful ! It was also great to work around that part of the Sea to Sky Corridor, as it is such a beautiful area.

Paddling the Judd Slough

The next day we spent some time around the Garibaldi Lake parking lot eradicating Orange Hawkweed before heading up to our Whistler office for our monthly staff meeting. It was great to have all the staff together and hear what we have all been working on!

The last half of the week was on and off rain so we focused on invasive species that we can remove mechanically (we can’t spray any herbicides when it rains, because it would be ineffective). On Wednesday and Thursday, we focused on Yellow Flag Iris, which I enjoy doing because you get to be in the water! We were at Dryden Creek in the morning, which is a beautiful creek in Brackendale, but sadly it has a lot of Yellow Flag Iris. Our crew team pulled out over 400 pounds of iris! Hopefully Dryden Creek will be Yellow Flag Iris-free next season. We saw a lot of success from last year’s efforts in the Judd Slough and only found a couple of plants.

Overall, this week had some cool variety of field work in the always beautiful Sea to Sky Corridor!



We would like to give a big thank you to the Community Foundation of Whistler for its grant that is allowing Erin to be employed by SSISC all summer long.

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