A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life
A Day in the Life

Can you believe we’re already in August? With so many uprooted invasives to show for it, you’d never guess that our field season is only halfway over already! Speaking of, why don’t we take a moment and see what exactly SSISC’s hard-working field crew has been up to.

Check out this massive Giant Hogweed, towering over Erin! Her and Ardis really had their work cut out for them this time around. Find more details over at our Instagram account!

One of our Giant Hogweed treatments near Squamish, B.C.

Not all fieldwork is intense labour! Here, we caught Ardis and Erin out updating our invasive species inventory in the Crumpit Woods area. Learn more about their experience from our Instagram post.

Ardis out on a species inventory job for Fortis, B.C.

When a hot day hits, Austin and Erin sure are lucky to be near the water! Searching for Yellow Flag Iris along the River of Golden Dreams, these two had an awesome, invasive-free day out in the field! Be sure to head over to our Instagram for more details.

Cruising down the river, Austin and Erin scout the waters for Yellow Flag Iris

Busy as can be, Chelsea and Emily have been tackling all sorts of invasives this season! Check out all their progress on a Small-flowered Touch Me Not infestation, along with Bull Thistle and Spotted Knapweed, in our Instagram post!

One of our Small-flowered Touch Me Not removal projects

One of the more varied days for our field crew, Oxeye Daisy, Spotted and Diffuse Knapweed, and Scentless Chamomile were conquered, while wild blueberries were munched! See the whole adventure unfold, over at our Instagram.

Austin poses with a bag full of invasives, working on a B.C. hydro project

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