Be PlantWise

Did you know that popular plants sold in garden centers can wreak havoc on our environment if given the opportunity? 

Baby’s Breath, for instance, is often found in floral arrangements because of its lovely and delicate aesthetic. Released into the natural environment it outcompetes native grasses and reduces foraging opportunities for wildlife.

PlantWise helps landscapers, gardeners, and plant retailers understand what plants are invasive in their area and how to make PlantWise choices.

About PlantWise

PlantWise is a provincial program that supports the horticulture industry and plant lovers to become invasive-free. Invasive plants can be striking and attractive to many, however they can have negative impacts on natural areas and naturally occurring plant species. PlantWise helps the horticultural industry and gardeners to understand which plants can be harmful to our community, and how to make PlantWise choices that benefit everyone.

PlantWise is for anyone who grows, propagates, sells, promotes, displays, disposes of, purchases, trades, transports, or gifts invasive plants.

By committing to make a simple change in behaviour, people can make a measurable difference in reducing the spread of horticulturally-invasive plants in BC.

SSISC is a proud supporter and ambassador of PlantWise in the Sea-to-Sky corridor. We work to educate and encourage local horticulturists to phase out the use of invasive plants and become PlantWise.

PlantWise Businesses

Please support these local businesses that have committed to selling non-invasive plants. More on their way!
Is your business interested in becoming PlantWise? Get in touch with us!

Grow Me Instead

The Grow Me Instead guide lists over 30 of BC’s most common invasive garden plants and recommends non-invasive alternatives that are equally as striking and functional, and suitable for a range of growing conditions in BC.

A Grow Me Instead snapshot brochure is also available for download.

PlantWise Grow Me Instead Brochure 2021


Be PlantWise! Learn about PlantWise choices for your garden or horticulture business.

Support a business near you that has committed to being an invasive-free operation for the benefit of consumers and gardens across BC. Thank you for becoming PlantWise!

Become familiar with regional legislation. Did you know that the District of Squamish has a new Invasive Species Management Bylaw? There are other regulations and bylaws worth knowing about that pertain to invasive plants in the Sea to Sky region.

A great way to ensure that you are following the PlantWise principles is to sign-up for our Invasive-Free Certification for Landscaping, Horticulture & Earth-Moving Companies.

Pssstt! It’s great for gardeners and plant lovers, too!

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